Registered Intern FAQs

Registered Intern FAQs

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As a registered intern, am I required to obtain continuing education?

No, there is no requirement that a registered intern obtain continuing education.  However, you may choose to complete the 8 hour laws and rules course, 3 hour HIV/AIDS and 2 hour domestic violence requirement for licensure while you are a registered intern.

I have changed supervisors; what do I need to do?

Your supervisor needs to notify our office in writing, (fax or e-mail directly from the supervisor is acceptable) that they will be your new (or additional) supervisor.  Our office will notify you in writing that this person is acceptable as your qualified supervisor.  Supervision received from the new supervisor will not count until we have notified you in writing that your new supervisor is approved.

Can I sit for the national examination before I finish my post-masters supervised experience?

Yes.  If you have completed the education and practicum requirements and are a registered intern you may be approved to sit for the examination.  Please visit our Exam Schedule page for more information.

I’ve just submitted my application for intern registration. Can I begin counting my hours now?

No. Chapter 491.0045, F.S. requires that you register as an intern (you will actually receive a license number as such) prior to commencing and counting the hours towards the post-master’s experience.

Where do I send my HIV/AIDS and Domestic Violence certificate after licensing?

Keep the certificate/s for at least 4 years in your personal records; it doesn’t have to be sent to the board office.  If your file is audited, it will be requested at that time.

I am a registered intern and have completed my two year’s post-master’s supervised experience. I still need to pass the exam. Do I still need to continue with supervision?

Yes. Rule 64B4-3.008, F.A.C., F.A.C. states in part, “an applicant who practices clinical social work, marriage and family therapy and/or mental health counseling must continue in “supervision” until fully licensed as defined in Rule 64B4-2.002, F.A.C.

Do I have to be finished with my supervised experience to take the laws and rules course?

No.  You may take the laws and rules course at any time.  You may submit a copy of the certificate of completion for the 8 hour laws and rules course to the Board office.

How do I know if my supervisor is qualified?

Visit our License Verification website and click License Verification to verify the license of the individual you want to confirm is qualified to supervise you. Enter the name or license number and click Search. The Qualified Supervisor designation will show under Qualifications. If there is not a qualification listed, the individual is not a Qualified Supervisor.

What does the board mean when they say the supervision and experience are to be face-to-face?

The board defines face-to-face as physically being together in the same room at the time of the supervision or experience.